Following the Horses in the American Parade

Protestant churches follow American culture much like the man with the broom and shovel follows the horses in a parade. Liberal Protestants can be counted on to fit their ever shrinking theology into latest intellectual fashions. Evangelicals, while largely oblivious to the intellectual fashions of the past 150 years, can be reliably counted on to package the Gospel in the latest pop culture fashions, so that it’s hard to tell in some churches whether you’re worshiping or attending a rock concert or are part of some sort of weird reality show. Being in the world but not of it has been reduced to following the horses in the parade with a broom and shovel. You’re in the parade, but not of it.

Pastor, You May be Important but You're Not Essential

Pastor, if you think you’re essential to your church’s health, growth, and success, you may well have an inflated sense of your own importance. I’m not saying that to be insulting, mind you, but I know from 20 some odd years in pastoral ministry that being “essential” is the unexamined motive that keeps many of us on the ministry merry-go-round, where we go round and round doing all the right leadership things, while failing to notice that we haven’t really gone anywhere—where we end the day with a sense of having been really busy, but unsure as to what we just did. The problem with feeling “essential” is that the merry-go-round of ministry becomes a prison, where our real self becomes locke

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