Good Friday Meditation: April 14, 2017, Noon to 3pm

It is noon, and I am sitting in the last pew, in the back of the church. I am here because it is Good Friday. I do not have any deep thoughts. I do not vividly imagine myself at Golgotha. I am here because on this day I need to do something. So, I sit here quietly. The light was darkened and Christ hung dying during this time, noon to three p.m. My presence here doesn’t change that or add to that. My being here is not a great witness to many people. It is a quiet witness, seen only by You, Lord. I need to do something, so here I am. My being here will accomplish nothing. For many, I am wasting my time. Yet, this is where I want to be. It is that simple. I do not expect great revelations o

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