Reflections on Christmas Lights & Christmas Music

Tops on the list of what I love most about Christmas are the season's lights and music. Although I am not one to outline our house in multi-colored lights or set up lit-up inflatable reindeers, snowmen and Santa Clauses all over the yard, I love it when others do it, and to them I tip my hat. One of my favorite displays is in our hometown, Bradford, where, every year on West Main Street, one man covers every square inch of his house and front yard with lit-up Christmas cheer. If it can be lit up and inflated and has anything at all to do with Christmas, you'll find it there. A couple years ago I saw him standing out front while slowly driving past, admiring his handiwork. I stopped, rolled

Advent: Waiting for the Lights to Come on in a Power Outage

Winter has arrived early here in our part of New Hampshire. On the plus side, the final stages of leaf raking and fall clean-up were taken care of by the snow. However. . . We've had three significant snow falls in November, and it's now just barely December, and who knows what December has to offer us. The last snowfall, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, was memorable for several reasons. First, we had nine inches of snow. Secondly, it was the wettest, heaviest snow I've ever had to contend with; even our snow thrower, which usually dispatches snow effortlessly thirty feet into the woods, had a hard time with it. Finally, this particular storm was memorably because the power went out for e

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